On National Diabetes Day 2014 in The Netherlands, DiaClin will showcase their products. This event takes place on March 28th at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague. Partner Actavis launched the DiaClin product line in The Netherlands this month and aims to increase their presence in the field of diabetes, an innovate field in which health care solutions keep on moving.

The National Diabetes Day is organized by the Dutch Diabetes Federation  and is committed to improving the quality of life and healthcare for people with diabetes. DiaClin products fits well into the event’s target group as it gathers all professionals for whom diabetes care is a mission, such as diabetes nurses, practice nurses, (family) doctors, specialists in geriatric medicine, physical therapists, internists, pharmacists, physician assistants, nutritionists, pedicures, scientists, health promoters, managers and policy, health insurers and government.

As diabetes is national illness number one in The Netherlands, innovation in this sector is very important. Every year, the number of people with diabetes increases with 52.000. Taking innovation in the sector to the next level is quite a challenge. DiaClin products help people with diabetes in leading a normal life by offering self care products to treat and prevent common discomforts.

More information on the National Diabetes Day 2014: http://www.nationalediabetesdag.nl