Many people with diabetes have problems with dry mouth, eyes and skin. A research by Actavis, an important player in the OTC market in The Netherlands, shows that 70% of the surveyed people with diabetes were positive about specific products for treating and preventing discomforts caused by diabetes. DiaClin products were especially developed to treat and prevent discomforts people with diabetes may have such as dry skin, mouth, eyes and feet.

The effectiveness of DiaClin products has been backed completely by independent research. All DiaClin self care products have been internally tested by our Research & Development department but to demonstrate the effectiveness by an independent source, consultancy firm WWZ Haaglanden in The Netherlands conducted and independent research amongst 25 people with diabetes.

Positive feedback on FootFoam and BodyLotion

The firm focused on the effectiveness and satisfaction of DiaClin FootFoam and BodyLotion. The results were very positive. For example, tests have shown that DiaClin BodyLotion significantly improved the moisture balance and the barrier function of the skin.  The test group noticed the following improvements after two weeks of using DiaClin BodyLotion:

–          Dry skin decreased by 43%.

–          Itchy skin decreased by 39%

As to the DiaClin FootFoam, the test group noticed the following within two weeks:

–          Dry skin decreased by 44%

–          Itchy skin decreased by 42%

DiaClin testimonials

Some people in the test group said the following:

“I did not  expect it to be any different than my usual body lotion, but my skin absorbs it a lot quicker and it works perfectly.” “The diabetes nurse said that my feet looked really good. I’m also noticing that I have less callus formation.”

Where to buy

With the product line, DiaClin aims to help people with diabetes to lead a normal and healthy life style by offering self care products for common discomforts they may have.

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