One evening, I was surfing the internet on interesting information about diabetes. Besides statistical facts and figures, there were some posts on diabetes that raised my eyebrows and made me laugh. Like this one for instance: “In ancient times, doctors would test for diabetes by tasting urine to see if it was sweet. People who tasted urine to check for diabetes were called “water tasters.” Other diagnostic measures included checking to see if urine attracted ants or flies. Can you imagine your doctor tasting your urine? Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it?

After this interesting information about diagnosing diabetes in ancient times I stumbled upon another post: “Dr. Thomas Willis (1621-1675) called diabetes the “pissing evil” and described the urine of people with type 2 diabetes as “wonderfully sweet, as if it was imbued with honey or sugar.” He was also the first to describe pain and stinging from nerve damage due to diabetes.” Well, if Dr. Willis described the urine of people with type 2 diabetes as sweet, he must have tasted it. The thing that startled me the most was that he called it ‘wonderfully sweet’. Honestly, I have no idea what my urine tastes like and frankly, I’m not really keen on finding out.

Are there some interesting posts on diabetes that you encountered on the internet? Please share it with us!