I sure love dining out with friends and family. It gives me a chance to catch up and share some laughs. But what I don’t like is having to be careful with every bite I eat. When you have diabetes, it is inevitable looking after what you eat. I am conscious of healthy eating – it’s important if not essential when you have diabetes. Luckily, there are some easy guidelines to help you make the right choice at a restaurant. So you can focus on your company, on having a good time!

Here are some quick pointers that work out well for me:

– avoid all-you-can-eat buffets; when you see all that food, you tend to overeat

– swap your portion of fries for a healthy and tasty salad

– choose an appetizer and a soup or salad instead of large meal

– ask for fresh lemon as a salad dressing

– ask for a doggy bag and take some of your meal home for the next day

– ask for tomato slices on your sandwich or burger instead of fatty sauces

Just enjoy when you’re out with friends. But always take your health into consideration. And a little goes a long way!


Bon appétit!